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why am I so awkward in my own skin?

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Welcome to my blog:)
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Look@these coupla badasses:D
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I believe my family is beginning to learn my weaknesses…. I keep walking into the living room to find a new super-cool ducky lying on the floor… Sitting there…. staring me down as if in waiting for me…. WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?!

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Me & my blog are lonely..
Tumblr Themes Family Fallout #1: Psychologically Sick

I suppose I’m naive to believe my family will ever change but it’s like no matter what we go through I continue to hold good expectations of them in my mind. It seems that however much I might try to win over their affections I will never truly be a part of this family.. God, I mean I get to feeling like I’m that kid again: the one who was constantly left in the care of my grandparents because a selfish man would throw fits if I desired to be with my immediate family rather than him. I love my paw but it’s always killed me that he was the person who SINGLE-HANDEDLY turned my own mother and siblings away from me-and at such an age. I was always the “favored” one at his house, when I made it known that I wanted to go home I was treated as if it were a bad thing, and then when I was able to finally come home I’d walk in on glares, scowls, and mouths eager to scold. Never. I’ve never felt a part of either household and I’m beginning to feel as if I’ll never get that chance: I’ve always wanted him to understand so he’d at least try to change but he’d simply turn a deaf ear to my every word so I gave up but I don’t want to push that on him now. See, here’s the twist: a little while ago my pawpaw was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. I feel as if the walls are slowly closing in on me. Although I absolutely HATE what he has done I love him. I have tried so many times to become someone who this family might want but never has it been even a possibility. Never. I’ve got my head above the water for now but I can feel myself sinking…

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I need followers:(
……I’ll share my elephant!
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Kerli singing Army of Love

I love to-love to-love ya!

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Can anyone gimme advice for adding a profile picture to my tumblr home page..? I’ve been attempting this for two days but technology still abhors me it seems TT.TT

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It’s hot outside…

looks just like me trying to be a ninja earlier >.>
<3 LOL
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Pretty Girls:  "I'm cold."
Guys:  "Awh, let me warm you up!"
Me:  "I'm cold."
Everyone:  "....... go get a blanket or something."
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Pretty Great in Bed