Tumblr Themes My Three Favorite Game of Thrones Characters

1.) Daenerys Targaryen (who the fuck doesn’t love her?)

2.) Tyrion Lannister (can he become any more brilliant?!?)

3.) Arya Stark (how much more dynamic can her character become?!? She’s truly becoming a woman and a great role model for the younger audience!)

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you don’t even have to name the movie. everyone already knows.

james and the giant peach

So close


Harry Pothead
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I have had many bouts of Presque Vu, Capgras Delusion, L’esprit de l’escalier (which I particularly hate), Deja Vu, Deja Vecu, and Deja Visite…
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i’ll link the sources later but you can literally find these by googling their names and the quote or the problem you have with them
i missed out on quite a few so i might make another soon

Jesus fucking Christ
God forbid people make racey jokes once in a while, have a little fun with who they’re talking to. God forbid people have not-100% tumblr-approved PC opinions on everything under the sun. 
I mean I am pretty against celebrity worship myself but this is entirely the wrong response to it. You shouldn’t turn around and look for reasons to tear down the people who are generally doing GOOD things because of one or two smudges in their history.

Okay. No. People aren’t perfect but you’ve got to understand two things:

Firstly, Accio wasn’t tearing these celebrities down but just trying to let their fans know that (exactly as you’ve stated) they’re not perfect either.

The main reason being: others were getting hate for the simple fact that they don’t like them. So… fans can have opinions but the second someone disagrees it’s time to ostracize them???

They’re RICH and FAMOUS who have their own friends and family.
Hell, even if they did lose a good portion of fans—they’d gain just as many who like them because they’re DISLIKED or who are wanting to ‘support their right to freedom of speech’ (i.e. the guy from Duck Dynasty—who btw isn’t even being reprimanded for that so why the hell is all the ‘support’ necessary?).

And, secondly, all of these instances occurred as rich and famous people on air/while interviewed/tweeting.

THEY ARE CELEBRITIES. This means that they are held to higher standards and as such should be aware of the things they say ON PUBLIC TELEVISION AND/OR IN TWEETS.

THEY are the people our kids look up to. They-not only as celebrities-but as ADULTS should know better.

So, yes, they have their right to freedom of speech. But when it comes to morality issues it’s up to the fans to decide if this or that comment was simply a jest (i.e. Sam&Dean Winchester) or an honestly accidental but nonetheless unethical remark (i.e. Martin Freeman).
As someone who doesn’t believe in blind “celebrity worship” (nice phrasing, might I add), I would assume that you’d love the idea of this information being planted where more people could stumble upon it accidentally.


By the way: I am a die-hard fan of Jennifer Lawrence, Misha Collins, and Robert D. Jr. and I didn’t like what I found but I’m glad that I’m not simply a blind follower anymore. It never occurred to me to look more closely because all you ever hear about on Tumblr is how angelic they are. It’s actually quite refreshing to know they’re not all they’re cut out to be.
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Hope you guys like my new theme-I sure do!Plus by clicking on “notes” you’re directed to a page with all notes to the side. Enjoy:)
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so i’ve made a bunch of radical changes to my page but as usual there are problems with the links…

*raises fist to the air*

aaaaghhl;knads!!! technology why do you hate me so much???!!!!

anyways, if you know how to make links accessible—PLEASE TELL ME!

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So I’m guessing Tumblr has officially twerked my sense of humor.
Some jack on youtube took me literally when I said,
“Stupid Bitch didn’t even give that guy a tip… what does Olly see in her?”
(Dear Darlin’ music video by Olly Murs).

I mean… really??? There are cruel leaders in Egypt murdering people as we speak, children starving around the world, and you want to waste my time by forcing me to correct you on being a dumbass? Because that’s what you did. You forced me to waste my time on seeing to your needs for education since I can’t STAND offensive ignorance and all I wanted was some music to help me sleep.

You know, I’d hate to see this kid on Tumblr because with his obviously-lacking sense of humor I doubt he’d be able to adapt-or even survive.

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 If you've been to my blog you notice how the links aren't quite........ well, they suck. I obviously need some help in this department if anyone could give me advice on how to fix them I'd greatly appreciate it!  I have tried deleting them so that I can re-enter the ones I want to keep but instead I ended up with double's?!?!
HELP:  (
Tumblr Themes How to get followers on Tumblr



First, right-click the number of followers you have and select “Inspect Element:


In the Developer Tools, find something that looks like this: (it will be the number of followers you have)


Highlight the number of followers you have, replace it with a value that suits your needs, and hit enter: 


Enjoy the endless possibilities







And if I try this I know I’ll end up breaking it somehow so I’m left out again

(Source: ghostho, via capricious-witch)

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Hey guys, and welcome to my multifandom, 1500+ followers giveaway.
The last time I did a giveaway I was at 600, and I was only in one fandom, which was the Homestuck fandom. 900 followers later, and I’m in a handful of fandom and so many different types of blogs follow me, that it would be dumb to do another exclusively Homestuck giveaway.
So the fandoms included in this giveaway are the fandoms I’m apart of including:
Doctor Who
(and I’m also in a few other fandoms I’m not sure were to find things for, so if you know a place to get things for your fandom, just let me know.)
Likes and reblogs both count
You can like and reblog as many times as you’d like
You don’t have to be following me, but followers will get extra prizes.
Now the prizes!
Third place: a drawing or sketch of an otp. Any otp, from any fandom.
Second place: a drawing or sketch of any otp, and fan merch of your favorite fandom for under 15$.
First place: two drawings, one of any otp, and another of anything your heart desires. Plus 40$ for fan merch from the fandom of your choosing.
This will continue on from now until the 9th of September.
Good Luck!

Awesome sounding giveaway guys but I wish I had heard of her Tumblr before now:(
Tumblr Themes To any of my followers who found a surprise on their dashboard:

Forgive my earlier post made public.
To the follower whom I was replying to:
I typically follow back but I have made the exception to your blog (sorry) because I just really don’t want to see that :/
(If you had a ‘fanmail’ or ‘ask’ box that I could message you at, however, I would welcome conversations).
I deleted my ‘reply’ post because I have younger followers and if they were my little brothers or sisters I wouldn’t want to inadvertently cause them to see your penis on their dashboard.
I don’t mind chatting with you or anyone else but hopefully you can understand why I felt I had to take that down.
Thank you for being courteous earlier and I do hope you have a nice vacation.

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It’s sad when you have more compassion, love, and understanding for strangers rather than your own family..

It’s times like this I realize just how fucked up my family is.

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welcome to tumblr (part 3)
"you broke the world." Omfg I can never get enough of these.
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Frozach Submitted

My brain hurts

The second one is from a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio. The photo at least haha bc the movie I think was based on a true story about a kid who worked at the school as a janitor and solved the weekly unsolved problem.

Life FYI’s
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